Data Vault Coaching

The m[ethod]2data helps you to untangle your data tangle. With the help of my years of experience and proven methodology, I will work with you to reveal the needs of your team. In this way, we find out exactly where we can work together to bring clarity and structure to your data.

Coaching – How does m[ethod]2data work?

Goal: Secure use of Data Vault – Extract, cleanse and deliver data from the source

Are you new to Data Vault? Are you concerned that you have taken the right step with the introduction of Data Vault? Do you doubt Data Vault’s efficiency and feel that you are not realizing its full potential?

I help – concretely, case-related and completely.

For a clearly defined part of the data, we will jointly determine the development steps – from requirements to data integration and data preparation.

We then implement these development steps together – taking into account the individual knowledge of each team member. In doing so, I pass on my experience and my comprehensive know-how in a targeted manner in order to bring everyone involved to the same level of knowledge.

Employees can use Data Vault methodically and securely – from the data source to the provision of data

Rapid introduction of the Data Vault methodology thanks to my many years of experience

Rapid introduction of the Data Vault methodology

Advantages of Data Vault can be used

  • Sustainable – through the way data is integrated
  • Extendable – due to the special modeling form
  • Fast – through the possibility of automation

Coaching – How do I standardize my processes with m[ethod]2data?

Goal: Standardization – Establishing development guidelines for a continuous increase in efficiency

The system works, but the potential is not yet fully exploited? Together we will develop guidelines for the implementation of requirements.

With the developed guidelines, we provide uniform solution templates, which make the effort for the way of implementation predictable. With these we prepare the basis for an effective further development of the system.

In addition, we create mechanisms and processes to further develop these solution templates and enable a continuous increase in productivity – regardless of the department or individual employee.

Optimized standard workflow – thus less effort and higher productivity

Improved communication with the departments

Reduced maintenance

Review Data Vault Modell

Quick check

Fixed price: 400,- € (remote)

You want to make sure that I am the right partner for your project? During a review of your Data Vault model you will get to know me and my methods. For this purpose we will go through a relevant section of your Data Vault model in max. 2 hours. What I need is the source structure of your system, the Data Vault model with up to 20-30 entities and the complete documentation. What do you get? A review of your core warehouse and starting points for optimization and standardization.